Old Announcements

Upto 31-Mar-2014
  1. Following new sub tabs are provided in the CINB Payments/Transfers Tab >> Inter Bank Transfer and Third Party Transfer links.
    List of Beneficiaries:
    List of Beneficiaries tab will display all the beneficiaries as was being displayed earlier (prior to 26-02-14).
    Search for Beneficiaries:
    User can search for beneficiaries which are added by other than logged in user (Regulator, Admin , Corpuser and approver under same admin). This is an additional feature to quickly fetch beneficiary details before making a transaction.
  2. Now Corporate users can do form based transactions to Beneficiaries added by other users under same Admin. This includes Beneficiaries added through file mode also. For this click on Tab 'Beneficiary added by other users under same Admin' provided in Payment/Transfers page and search by Beneficiary Code/Account Number/ Beneficiary Name.
  3. With effect from 15th June, all e-cheques that are not authorized within 30 days from the date of creation will be cancelled automatically. (Not applicable for specified transactions such as EPFO, Govt. Tax etc).
  4. Merchant Payments are now easier than ever. In 3 simple steps you can make your payment. Click here for details
  5. Maker Cum Authorizer Transactions will no longer be allowed for new Corporates- Corporates who register for Vyapaar and Vistaar products of CINB on or after 8th Jan 2013 should mandatorily have a separate Maker and Authoriser. Transactions initiated by a user cannot be authorized by himself.
  6. Now, Corporates can carry out bulk RTGS and NEFT transactions through upload of files with single debit multiple credit file structure.
  7. CINB SARAL, a single-user, simplified Corporate Internet Banking facility launched. For details, Please Click Here.
  8. Now you can set separate transaction Limit for E-Tax.
  9. For Privilege (Vyapaar) facility, the transaction limit is now enhanced to Rs.50 lakhs.
  10. Transfer funds to any bank from your SBM Account using RTGS/NEFT Facility.
  11. Now, carry out NEFT transactions in bulk by way of single debit, multiple credits.
  12. Now, pay Karnataka Government Commercial Tax payment (VAT).
  13. Now, pay Maharashtra VAT and CST online.